King James Version Bible


‘The most influential version of the most influential book’


The complete King James Version Bible now available as a game-changing searchable free app. As easy to use as a printed book plus the speed and power of TurboSearch technology, so you can research and explore as never before. Find the Bible quotation you are looking for in an instant, conveniently offline, on your Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet.


• Complete KJV offline
• Tiny file size uses very little download data or device storage
• Permanently compressed for high-speed download
• Search and explore as never before
• Fast search power
• Easy to use and navigate
• Integrates with email and social
• Work offline, wherever and whenever you want


TurboSearch is very powerful search index of all words, phrases and numbers, and will enable you to find anything and everything contained in the publication. It will even help you spell the words correctly to help you get a search result. And TurboSearch – unlike Google – is a very precise search index. If you want to find the phrase “Behold, I make all things new”, for example, you will find that phrase, which occurs just once, without wasting time with all the many “Behold”s, “make”s, “things”s or other combinations of those words.







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