Game-changing, fast, offline searching.

Analyze and research like never before!

It doesn’t matter how detailed and specific your search is, you will find it the first time, every time if it’s a TurboSearch publication.


Key features:

  • Accurate, fast guaranteed search results
  • Research and explore major texts with ease
  • Clear, easy navigation – always see where you are, like with a book
  • Permanently compressed for high-speed download
  • Tiny file size uses very little download data or device storage
  • Work offline – wherever and whenever your want
  • Easy integration with notes, email and social media

TurboSearch is very powerful search index of all words, phrases and numbers, and will enable you to find anything and everything contained in the publication. It will even help you spell the words correctly to help you get a search result. But TurboSearch – unlike Google – is a very precise search index and if you want to find the phrase “to be a witness” in the U.S. Constitution, you will find that phrase, which occurs just once, without wasting time with all the many “to”s, “be”s, “witness”s or other combinations of those words.
All words, numbers, phrases and alpha-numerics are indexed and searchable, with any number of single question marks (?) or multiple character asterisk (*) wildcards supported, and logical searching with AND (&) and OR (|), and string searching to find literally any phrase, string of words or numbers that you need. TurboSearch also incorporates Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH), which provides a pull-down list of suggested words after you have typed three characters in the search box, and will make appropriate suggestions even if you spell the search term incorrectly. The dictionary for PSSH is based on the content in the publication, so the suggestions are always relevant.


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