Free Apps with TurboSearch Allow Android Users to Enjoy Premium Offline Searchable Publications, Including Full Text of United States Constitution, Complete Plays of William Shakespeare, and the King James Version Bible, All Available Now for Download on Google Play and Amazon


Phone images of the three apps from the websiteTurboSearch allows rapid, accurate and secure offline search and analysis of complex, sizable publications, including reference manuals, standards, health classifications, statutory and research materials. This is the first time TurboSearch applications are available free to Android users, who can experiment with this premium professional search tool and gain new insights into some of history’s most beloved documents.


[9/23/2015 – Wilmington DE]


Windows users have for several years enjoyed TurboSearch publications from EIS, and now Android users can free of charge examine conveniently and in unprecedented detail the United States Constitution, complete Plays of William Shakespeare, and the King James Version Bible. Get a closer look at the founding document of the United States of America, enjoy plays from history’s most accomplished writer, or find your favorite passages in the KJV Bible with the most powerful and capable offline reference search tool on the market.


“Our United States Constitution, Shakespeare and King James Bible applications only hint at what’s possible with TurboSearch,” said EIS Founder & CEO Alfred Papallo. “TurboSearch is a game changer for reference publications, as it enables a user who wants to search and analyze content to do it offline and in a manner not otherwise possible on mobile devices at present.”


TurboSearch is designed as a professional research tool, optimized for professionals in fields that require a powerful, fast and secure search for reference publications, including the medical and academic fields. These free applications demonstrate TurboSearch’s unique capabilities and the convenience of having a powerful offline publication search tool.


TurboSearch publications for Android allow users to analyze content conveniently on their mobile devices and offline. All of a document’s words, phrases, numbers and alpha-numerics are indexed and searchable, allowing users to find literally any phrase, string of words or numbers needed. TurboSearch also incorporates Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH), which provides a pull-down list of suggested words after three or four characters are typed in the search box and the search is initiated, and will make appropriate suggestions even if the search term is spelled incorrectly. The dictionary for PSSH is content specific to the publication, to ensure suggestions are always relevant.


Robust functionality is at the heart of the TurboSearch experience, and user-optimized features include:


• eComPress permanent compression for fast download with minimal data and storage usage
• Superior search speed and accuracy
• Unique encoding for guaranteed data integrity
• Overlapping security protocols to protect stored content, users and publisher
• Easy to install and simple to use, with intuitive book-like formatting and navigation.


The bottom line is users are discovering TurboSearch enables extremely rapid search and accurate analysis of texts offline, far beyond what is otherwise possible. Applied to the U.S. Constitution, Shakespeare and the Bible, users are gaining new insights into their favorite texts.


These free applications are a demonstration of TurboSearch’s capabilities, as well as a resource provided free to the public that allows a closer look at some of history’s most famous documents and literature. EIS plans to announce availability of new TurboSearch applications in the coming months, including applications designed expressly for health and professional use.

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